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              The German HANSEN LEDs / LED Powers
              Hansen LED tube
              Hansen LED tube
              Hansen LED tube
              Hansen LED Bar
              Hansen LED Panel
              Hansen LED Panel
              Hansen LED tube
              Hansen LED Power

              HANSEN Neon GMBH, one of the leading LED manufacturer in Europe of energy-saving LED technology for high-volume, solid-state lighting markets, The company's proprietary technology and innovative designs have enabled the company to develop advanced solid-state lighting products that offer superior quality, are lower in cost and are environmentally friendly.

              Products includes: LED modules, LED Linear Bars, flexible LED strips, LED profile lamps, Led Power Supplies and etc.
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                  Recommended : HANSEN POWER LED  
                  **4 x more light with power LEDs**   Hansen LED Strip
              **12 Volts LED Strip With Power LEDs**
              Hansen LED tube
                  Specifications: HANSEN POWER LED  
              Hansen LED Strip
              LED Linear Bars LED Profile Lamps
              LED Power Supplies LED Application / Technology
              Hansen LED
                  **HANSEN Converter for Neon  
              ** New Product: HANSEN LED Street Lamp **HANSEN LED Illuminous Panel
                  RGB LED Bar  

              "WILMA" is a rigid circuit board with a width of only 6 mm and a length of 260 mm. It can be split in sections of 87 mm.
              "VICKI" is a 10 mm wide and 270 mm long flexible circuit board which can be split in sections of 90 mm.

              The 12mm wide circuit board Sancho can be used to create an RGB colour flow. The LED spacing is 31mm, and the maximum length per power supply point is 5m.

                  Hansen LED RGB  
              Some Job reference of Hansen LEDs in HK, Macau and China
              Hansen LED
              Lisboa Casino Macau
              Hansen LED
              Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong
              Hansen LED
              All illuminated letters of Prologis China


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