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              HENSEN Electronic Neon Converters

              Hansen Neon is one of Europes largest manufacturers of electronic converters for neon signs, and is now also a major producer of equipment for L.E.D. lighting.

              With its recent move to a larger factory and the increased use of robotic assembly methods, it is able to produce consistently a product of extreme quality.

              Electronic converters have several advantages over conventional wire wound transformers; especially for small portable signs. Firstly they are considerably lighter and smaller than an equivalent output wire wound transformer. Because they have constant current characteristics they will light a tube to the same brightness be it short or long, and because the operating frequency is 20,000 Hz this light is flicker free.

              When you combine this with inbuilt protection devices and elegant design you have the perfect power supply for most portable signs.

                Hansen Converter
              **HANSEN Neon Converters - with choice of indoor and outdoor version, dimmable and non-dimmable, range from 20mA to 150mA.  

              HANSEN - model list
              HANSEN - Housing/Dimension
              HANSEN - Installation Instruction
              HANSEN - Loading Chart
              HANSEN 120mA / 150mA Dimmable
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              Some Job reference of Hansen Converters in HK, Macau and China
              Hansen Converters
              Louis Vuitton IFC Shanghai - All Interior Lighting
              City of Dreams - Macau, Hotel Logos (Hyatt, HardRock and Crown), over 2000 pcs of Hansen converters are used.
              Part of Cold Cathode Lighting inside City of Dreams Macau where Hansen Converters are used.
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